How to spend snow Christmas in New York City?

Do you know How to spend Snow Christmas in New York City? where is the christmas tree in new york, when do christmas decorations go up in new york.

How to spend snow Christmas in New York City?

Christmas eve at the Rockefeller Centre

Rockefeller Center is famous for its huge Christmas tree. The lighting and the show are not the only thing that you are going to witness at this sight. Every year, thousands of people show up at the center and enjoy a harmonious Christmas eve.

Don’t miss on the all the celebrity performances that happen at the center that elevates the joy of Christmas. The tree gets lit up earlier. It has already been decorated and lit since November 29th, this year. But it is the festivities around it that you really need to look forward to. Every year, the activities and the charm get better from the last year. Ask any New Yorker, and they would say this is the place where you need to be.

All the information about the tree, the ceremonies and events are available on the Rockefeller website. You can program your visit accordingly and book tickets based on the number of people who are visiting. You can also check the Rockefeller Centre holiday page on social media.

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Ice skating in Central Park

If you love New York, you already would be in love with the heart of New York that is Central Park. But this giant, historical and famous piece of land becomes magical during the month of December.

If you are athletic and love ice skating. Central Park offers the biggest rink for everyone. It is in the center of the park. Before that, you would run into Santa, and a magical carriage to make sure all your dreams come true. If you have never witnessed the park during the festive season, you would not be able to recognize it.

Have some snacks and hot drinks from the food trucks parked nearby and enjoy your walk in the heavenly park during Christmas. This is going to be a unique experience for you.

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Christmas shopping from Bergdorf Goodman

When it comes to Christmas, shopping or your loved ones is the biggest challenge. The big question of what to get them and what not to get for them haunts are days till all the presents are not decided. But since you would be exploring New York, a high-end luxury store waits to offer you the best festive shopping experience.

Bergdorf Goodman is the legendary store and has been a landmark since 1901. Every year, the store makes sure that they have best gift collection for the people who visit the store. You can also check their website to decide on the pieces that you’re going to buy. But make sure you pick them from the store itself because visiting the store is a different experience in itself.

You can be a regular luxury shopper at Bergdorf, but the Christmas shopping hits different.

How to spend snow Christmas in New York City
How to spend snow Christmas in New York City

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Fun and Food at Bryant Park’s Winter Village

The Bryant Park’s Winter Village is also known as Bank of America Winter Village. But what is so special and different about this place than any other place in New York. The fact that it opens at the beginning of the winter and get closed by March. Hence, the name Winter Village.

The ice-skating rink occupies the middle of the ground and you can skate for free if you can bring in your skates. During the Christmas time, the entire area gets surrounded with shacks and small shops for food and games. The area also lights up with multiple colorful lights. But it is the joy of the visitors and families is what brings spirit to the Village.

If you want to experience a small portion of New York spirit during the winter months, this is the perfect place for that.

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Meet Santa at Macy’s Santaland

Before you wish for your gifts from Santa and place your stockings above the fire place, why don’t you go and whisper your wish list in Santa’s ears itself. Macy’s holiday celebration gives you that opportunity in a fun way to enjoy the festivities and meet Santa.

This is another place in New York where you are most likely to forget yourself and completely immerse in the experience of luxury, fun, dining and celebration and that is Macy’s. If you are planning to visit with your family, this is the perfect place to be at. As you are going to love everything about it.

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Catch a show at Radio City Music Hall

If you are a fan of performative arts, this is the place where you need to be on Christmas. Radio City Music Hall is the broad way show that features nine shows throughout the 90 – minute production, without any intervals.

It is also one of the oldest and the most acclaimed musicals that is shown in New York. So, you better catch it. I am aware that watching the Nutcracker tale from your coach while cozying up on Christmas eve in what you look forward to. However, since you are in New York, you need to indulge into this once in a lifetime experience and make sure that you do not miss it.

Check the upcoming shows on the Rockettes website and book your tickets before they get sold out.

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Warm up with a drink at Great Jones

It would probably take a lifetime for a person to visit all the cafes and restaurants in New York. But you need not to worry because we would recommend you the best place. And more importantly, a perfect place for a Christmas outing.

Great Jones Distilling Company is the best place to sit and sip on that warm drink while you are trying to chase away those winter chills. One of the oldest distilleries in Manhattan, you already know that every drop that is available here would be carefully cooked to quench your thirst.

Select anything from its menu that contains all kinds of cocktails, mocktails, whiskey and rum to make your evening worth it.

How to spend snow Christmas in New York City
How to spend snow Christmas in New York City

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A Christmas eve at the Broadway

Who wants to miss on the Broadway shows when they visit New York? But many wonder would there be any shows due to the festive season. The answer is yes. The amazing Broadway artists would love to entertain you in the most joyous ways by putting the best performances and stories to display.

The schedules might differ from the regular days. However, you would witness a community coming together on Christmas eve when you would visit the Broadway. You might run into special guest appearances exclusively for this evening.

Check their website for the timing of the shows and other special events.

How to spend snow Christmas in New York City?
How to spend snow Christmas in New York City?

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Don’t miss on the Holiday Exclusive Ride

When you are in New York, the ride and the tour are separate things. While you are touring New York, you need to experience The Ride. It is a 75-minute fun experience, full of performances from comedians and street performers. A tour might be educational but a ride is fun loving.

Since you would be booking a Christmas special ride. The comedians would be different and the performances would be much more festive than you thought. The best part about the ride is it happens in a bus with big windows and transparent shielding so you can always enjoy the festive decorations that are out there.

Book your tickets as soon as possible because this is going to be an experience unlike any other.

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