Exploring the Wonders: 11 Must-Visit Places in Morocco Unveiled

Morocco is the country with The Blue Pearl. The Kingdom of Morocco, also known as the Kingdom of the Western Place, is a place often underestimated because of its economic positioning. However, it has some hidden gems. These place not only needs to be visited but also to be experienced.

How else would you know the soul of this beautiful country that has served aesthetics with its culture and multiple perfect locations for movies with its history? Head on to the list below to know some must-visit places so you don’t miss any.

11 Must Visit Places in Morocco

11 Must Visit Places in Morocco

1. Marrakech

Marrakech-Place to visit in Morocco
Marrakech-Place to visit in Morocco

Marrakech is one of the most visited cities in Morocco. And once you visit it, you will know all the reasons people from all over the world decide to visit this magical place. Wondering what is it that this place has?

Jardin Majorelle, the Yves Saint Laurent Mansion which is a blue gem in itself. There is also a Yves Saint Laurent Museum. You might forget about the Met Museum once you visit it. A gorgeous botanical garden called Le Jardin Secret can make you feel like you are in Arabian Nights.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of landmarks in Marrakech that are worth visiting. Since the city has historical significance. You can visit the Bahia Palace, the Badi Palace and the Ibn Youssef Landmark.

To know the soul of the city, you need to explore some places that are bustling with regional culture. For such purposes, you need to go to Jemaa el- Fnaa and Medina of Marrakesh. For some Arabic shopping experience, Souk Semmarine would be perfect. And if you want to explore some old Marrakech, there is no place like the Dar Si Said Museum in the city.

2. Casablanca

No, I am not talking about the Humphrey Bogart-starred Casablanca. I am talking about another city in Morocco that played a huge role in the making of the tourist place that this country is. However, its shine remains hidden in front of Marrakech and Rabat, the capital city.

Casablanca can pride itself in making the perfect cocktail of modernity and culture. But you would be surprised in a major Islamic-ruled country. You would two architecturally beautiful Catholic churches and that are Sacred Heart Cathedral and Eglise Notre Dame de Lourdes.

Hassan II Mosque and Al-Qods Mosque are the places where you would witness a sample of elegant Islamic beauty. For magnificent architecture and intricate designs, you can always head over to the city Courthouse, also known as, Mahkama of Pacha.

To know the city more, you can always head over to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism and the Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation Museum. The paintings and artefacts kept here would hypnotize you. Villa of Arts is another museum that has a more modern and less historic display but with a regional Moroccan outlook.

Indulge in some shopping at the Town Square called Muhammad V Square or Morocco Mall. And after having a lip-smacking meal at Sky 28, you can spend some time at Ain Diab with a cool drink made in rose water. That would refresh you like nothing else.

3. Bahia Palace

White, blue and yellow marble against the stark blue skies. You might think it is the definition of heaven but I am only talking about Bahia Palace. A palace spread over 2 acres and has over 150 rooms. But what I described is just the outside beauty of it.

The palace was first started building in the 19th century by Si Moussa. And then it was further expanded by his son. This palace has played a significant role in the history of this country. The rulers have made strategic decisions and alliances in these rooms. It has also been a place of entertainment for many others. It also served as a harem at one point.

If one ruler collected wealth and precious stones in their rooms. The other let the same wealth go away by the mere thieves and robbers. But once you visit it, you would get to know that no matter what the true beauty of this palace cannot be stolen. It has remained and would remain a crown jewel in Marrakech.

4. Roses Valley-Places in Morocco

No matter where you choose to stay in Morocco, you would find a rose in every other thing. You would be showered with rose water as they would welcome you. The main ingredient in your drinks would also be rose water. From the cuisines to bathing water, you will find rose petals everywhere.

Rose has always been significant in Moroccan culture. By now you would fall in love with roses too. Hence, you need to visit the Valley of Roses in Morocco. Located on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, it gets to its full gloom by the beginning of April and remains as such by late May.

The entire land in the valley gets coloured Red and Pink because of the roses. These roses are the lifeline of the villagers here. To celebrate their plantations and harvests, they also celebrate a rose festival in which you can participate too.

As a nomad, you can walk around these farms or the nearby villages. These people are extremely welcoming and villages are quiet with soothing breezes flowing through every breeze.

5. Dakhla

Dakhla-Places in morocco
Dakhla-Places in morocco

If you are looking for a lot of fun and adventure and a lot of relaxation, both of these activities can be done in Dakhla. Situated near the Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla has a long history of mixed cultures living here. Though it was founded by the Islamic culture, it was the Spanish territories that expanded it.

But you would find temples that are centuries old. Or should I say one giant temple called Deir El-Hagar Temple? The temple was lost and broken but the archaeological department restored the temple. It has old Egyptian deities and is being studied by many scholars. If you have watched Marvel’s moon knight, you might have known about Egyptian deities Amun, Mut and Khonsu, idols whom you will find here.

Apart from that you can take part in Dakhla ride adventures through Sahara Deserts. The bikes and the guiding staff would be provided in the city, all you need to do is to gear up to participate and explore the Sand Dunes, through the Sahara. Surfboarding renting and Coaching are also something that is offered here. Now moving from the water waves to the Sand Waves, you can participate in Dakhla Kitesurf Safari which is a unique experience.

The main Spa of Dakhla, The Elegance Wellness Centre and the Palais Rhoul and Spa are some of the massage retreats where you can earn special treatment from the best people. The herbs, the oils, and the waters available here can be called magical because just a visit later you would find yourself cured of all ailments. If you don’t want to indulge in adventures, there is a Yoga centre as well called OM Yoga Dakhla at Ocean Vagabond Lagoon. 

6. Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle-places in morocco
Jardin Majorelle-places in morocco

It might have lost its purpose amidst the glam of the most visited tourist attraction in Morocco. But anyone who has an eye for art and beauty would know what significance it contains. A palace secured by the French designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge in the heart of Morocco. It has been a sign of the conservation of beauty and nature combined in a melodious poem.

The palace is surrounded by 5 different kinds of plant species that were endangered in this area. Now, they have been preserved here and taken care of. Inside, you will see perfect architectural pieces and some lavish designs on the walls.

But apart from that you would witness some pieces by the designer himself. The creativity dropped down here straight from the runways. You would witness some jewellery pieces too. You can stay and have some things to eat. The palace remains open all days of the week. All you need to do is to book tickets before you arrive. Since the people taking care of you believe in attentive hospitality.

7. Ksar of Ait – Ben – Haddou

Ksar of Ait – Ben - Haddou-place in morocco
Ksar of Ait – Ben – Haddou-place in morocco

Remember the Mhysa scenes from Game of Thrones? The giant castle behind Khaleesi and the thousands of people calling her Mhysa. You would be surprised to know that castle exists between the Sahara Desert and Marrakech. The castle is known as Ksar of Ait-Ben- Haddou.

It is an archaeological site. And has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The mountain is located near the Ouilla River where the entire castle has been made. Though it was made of bricks of compressed water and mud. But it still stands tall with its glory.

Apart from Game of Thrones, other films like Prince of Persia, Son of God, The Mummy, Gladiator etc. has been shot here. The giant doors and gateway still stay intact and by visiting you can still see the remains of the civilization that thrived there. You can ask your guide about the vivid history and stories that lived there. And you would not be disappointed.

8. Chefchaouen Medina

Chefchaouen Medina-places in morocco
Chefchaouen Medina-places in morocco

If thinking about white walls and blue roofs only reminds you of the Greek village Santorini. Then you would be surprised to know that there is one more place where you can find the same aesthetic with a cultural touch of Islam. Yes, I am talking about “The Blue Pearl.” The city of blue houses and Streets, Chefchaouen Medina.

The landscape of the city is mostly blue and white as streets would be filled with such houses. Stones on the walls and dirt street is going to offer you a perfect background for your Insta-worthy pictures. But that is not it. The place is surrounded by mountains, rivers and vivid culture that you would love to indulge in.

The Ethnographic Museum, The Bab-El Ain is a historical landmark as well as the God’s Bridge are some of the places that you will love here. Akchour Waterfalls and Ras El Ma would make you feel refreshed. And you can relax at Lina Ryad and Spa.

9. Cascades d’Ouzoud

A beautiful waterfall in the desert? No, I am not kidding. Ouzoud waterfalls are the biggest waterfalls in Morocco. All thanks to the Atlas Mountains, the water gets collected and comes back in the form of a waterfall. But this is not just one river source. It is a collection of many river sources.

Just about 150 km from Marrakech, this is the perfect place to get yourself refreshed. As it is a collection of many waterfalls, you need to walk a little bit to witness all of them. There is a hard path covered with thick olive branches that hide a heavenly waterfall almost 600 steps down.

If you are the adventurous kind, this is a must-visit place in Morocco.

10. Argan Phyto House

Moroccan luxury has no comparison in the entire world. The sacred oils, the waters, the ingredients and the mixtures that they use might be a thousand years old. But they still hold their relaxation value. That could be the reason that a thousand people always come as a tourist to enjoy the relaxation luxury here.

If you are one of those people. You need to visit the Argan Phyto House. As the name suggests the main ingredient in their products would be Argan. But they have experts trained in the art of making you relax no matter how stressed you are.

All you need to do is to check their packages or check out their products that are exclusive to this place. Or book an appointment to treat yourself with the luxury that this place offers.

11. Get on a Sahara Tour on Jarjeer Mules

Want to explore the desert like a true Moroccan local? You need to go on the Sahara Tour on the Jarjeer Mules. These are friendly creatures who would obey you even if you have met them for the first time.

Jarjeer is a local community that takes care of these mules and would give you a tour of the edge of Morocco where the Sahara Desert starts. So, get ready to do on the ride. Cause you are going to visit the largest desert on this planet, but just its edge.

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