9 Hidden Gems of Morocco: Best cities to visit

Morocco is a dream country to visit for many all around the globe. Though Casablanca, Marrakech, and Rabat are the places where you would find a lot of tourists. But if you are looking for some hidden gem, especially suited to your tastes and preferences. Check out this list and let us know which one are you looking forward to visiting.

9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

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Fez-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Fez is a city filled with palaces, museums, and a ton of history. Its bustling souks, narrow alleyways, and enchanting smell of food and drinks from small kiosks make the perfect culture of the city. Starting from the Bab Bojloud, the Moorish gate in the color of Lapiz Lazuli becomes the segregation from the new city to the old city.

Another place is the Medina of Fez which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Because of its historical and cultural significance. It is also the most conserved historic town in the Arab Muslim world. So be aware of the enchanted stories that you are going to witness here. Educational Institutes might sound boring to you but not here as you would find yourself in Bou Inania Madrasa whose walls has such deep, intricate design that are beyond imagination.

Al Attarine Madrasas is another educational institute but it specifically caters to Islamic studies only. The building is a fine piece of Arabic architecture and design. A part of the old town of Fez, which once was a resting place for royalty is now an archaeological site. The Merenid Tombs are situated on the hill and have been there since the 13th century. You will be pleased by the hilltop view along with the magical sunset that you are going to witness here.

Don’t forget that Fez’s main trade has always been rugs and tanneries. You would find an entire area as a tannery where animal skin is converted into leather. Consequentially, you will find a lot of leather goods of the perfect quality here in the local souks.

Rose Valley-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

A valley towards the south of the Atlas Mountain. An area that is comparatively dry but has a few villages nearby. And here you will find long, laid fields full of roses all around in the valley. The valley gets filled with one or the other kind of roses throughout the year.

As you know Moroccan is filled with roses as its secret ingredient. The perfumes, the drinks, the cuisines, the bathing water and the spices have a touch of rose into it. All of the country gets its rose supplies from this valley. Where the nearby farmers and villages harvest roses in the morning.

You would love to go for a hike here in the Valley. The picturesque locations with the river on one side, and roses on the other with a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains is straight from paradise. And if you decide to visit the valley at the start of May, you will witness the most magical journey of the Rose Valley festival.

The valley is just a 5-hour drive from Marrakech. You can easily hire a car and travel to the valley. On your way, you will find many villages and the most beautiful of locations. The fresh air with the smell of roses leaves you refreshed.

Dakhla-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco


Dakhla is a small town near Morocco at the edge of the Sahara Desert. There is always a debate about whether it should be considered part of the country or should be considered an independent country in itself. No matter what the geographical beauty of this site is beyond comparison with any place here.

Why so? Because it is situated between the lagoon and the ocean. So, on one end you might witness the shine of the golden desert and on the other end, there is an endless blue sea. Thus, it makes the perfect place for kite surfing. That is the most attractive tourist activity here.

You find an archaeological site too. Dier-el-Hagr is more than just an archaeological site. It is a temple with huge walls and gates. You would also see the idols of the Gods worshipped during the Egyptian time. Witness the deities Amun, Mut and Khonshu. Remember them from Marvel’s Moon Knight?

Chefchaouen-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Want to visit the blue heaven in Morocco? Welcome to the Chefchaouen. A village with a blue-and-white aesthetic. Do not go on my word. Every house in this small village is painted in blue and white. Combine that with intricate Arabic designs around the windows and roof and you have got yourself an Insta-worthy site to click pictures.

No wonder it is known as the blue pearl of Morocco. There is a plethora of activities that you can indulge in here. Apart from wandering through the blue streets, you can visit the Spanish Mosque on a mountain. It is a 30-minute hike to the mountain. But the view from the mountain along with the sunset would make the cherry on the cake.

Apart from the kesbah and the city square, also known as Plaza Uta El- -Hammam. There are a lot of natural sites that are a must-visit in Chefchaouen. Ras El Maa Waterfall is one of them. The Akchour waterfall, also known as the Bridge of God is also a place filled with emerald pools, waterfalls, and canyons. If you have an entire day, you can plan a guided hike toward Jeb Al Kalaa Mountain. The hike is around 6-8 hours from the mountain. And if you don’t want that and still want to explore nature. There is Talassemtane National Park which is a 45-minute drive from the village.

Asilah-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Asilah is situated on the northwestern side of Morocco. So, you will find more of the Atlantic Ocean and less of the desert here. But you are in for a load of beaches that surround the city and make it more beautiful. Along with the geographical beauty, there are multiple locations filled with historical beauty that you are going to love.

Starting with Asilah Medina where the alleyways are painted bright blue. But the doorways have an elaborate and golden and yellow border all around them to make them stand out. Watching sunsets from the Asilah city walls is one of the most wholesome experiences that you are going to have here.

Apart from that you are going to shop in the souk nearby. These small markets are filled with home décor, textiles, spices, and perfumes that can tempt you even before you enter these streets. The street food in Kalinti Street is also a must, once you visit the city. The smell would infatuate you and the smoke-filled ways along with spices burnt steak on slow heat would make your mouth water.

Meknes-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Meknes is the Iron City of Morocco. It was built as the center for the rein’s army in the 11th century. If you are wondering what you are going to find in the Iron City. You need to visit the place, yourself. Cause you would be surprised. Located in Northern Morocco, near the Middle Atlas Mountain. It is a neighboring city to Fes. Meknes is also known as the Imperial City.

Starting from the most preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. Volubilis was founded in the 3rd century. And these crumbling structures have still not lost their beauty. Volubilis has other significance about the royals of Morocco who made it one of their seats and its architecture as well. You can have a sneak peek into the royal Moroccan life at Dar Jamai Museum. If you are planning to visit in Summer, Sahrij Swani, as a huge waterbody would be the best place to visit.

You would be left smitten by the mosaic designs at the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail. Another historic landmark to visit in Meknes is the Royal Stables which has been featured in many movies including The Jewel of The Nile. You can get lost in the narrow streets of Meknes Medina. Or spend an evening at the El Hedim Square.

Tinghir-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Tinghir or Tinerhir is a place for adventure enthusiasts. If you had enough of the luxurious spas of Morocco and you want to explore the dessert face of this country. You are very welcome to this city called Tinghir.

You just need a day or two to completely explore this city. But be aware that those days would be a memorable ride. Todra Gorges are the narrow tracks, perfect for exploring the landscapes of this place. These are the canyons. And neighboring the Canyons, you will find the Tinerhir Oasis. Looking at it feels like it is a green pearl in a golden desert.

On a more urban front, Tinghir not only has a museum but it also has a mosque. Considering its location between the Sahara Desert and Marrakech, the mosques and the museums do not have the architectural or mosaic design that you can witness in the rest of the country. For a more regional touch, you need to visit the local market. Where you will find the tapestries and rugs. They are one of a kind.

Agadir-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

Agadir is the Phoenix city of Morocco. A city that was destroyed in an earthquake during the 1960s has been rebuilt and is considered more beautiful than ever. A city that is located near the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the mountains, you can imagine the beautiful landscapes that this city offers its visitors. It is 509 km south of Casablanca, 175 km from Essaouira and 258 km from Marrakech.

As it is near the Atlantic Ocean it is quite famous among surfers. So, if you are a surfing enthusiast. That is the first thing that you can look forward to. For all you animal lovers, Agadir Crocodile Park is the best place to hang out. And if you are planning for a small picnic, Agadir Birds Valley is in the finest of the spots.

Souss Massa National Park is another place where you can easily spend a day exploring it. And I am sure the beauty of Paradise Valley would take your breath away. For some gorgeous views, you can always hitchhike to Old Kasbah. And for those shopping sprees and delicious food, you can visit the Souk El Had D’ Agadir.

Dades Valley-9 Hidden Gems of Morocco

If the oasis of Tinghir pleased you and you want more of such views, you can always head over to the Dades Valley. It is at a distance of an hour and a half from Tinghir. And has more natural locations and destinations than the previous city.

First of all, it is known for its winding roads. So, if you are planning to go to Tingher and then Dades, get ready for a roller coaster drive. You can witness a different phase of Todra Gorge here. Apart from that Skoura Palm Grove is going to accompany you here and will welcome you with lush green vegetation in the middle of a golden-brown landscape.

Another famous destination here that features in many movies and shows like Gladiator and Game of Thrones is Ait Benhaddou. It is on a mountaintop. And it is an entire city where you can reside and enjoy your time here. The gorgeous sunsets here are mesmerizing and offer panoramic views from the top.

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