10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

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Monte Carlo is a dream vacation city for all Michael Schumacher fans. The people who love car racing and the adrenaline rush of winning. But racing is not the only thing that this city offers. There is a Mediterranean calm to this city. And royal aesthetic that can make you want to know more. There are the 10 best things to do in monte Carlo, South of France that I’m sure you’ll love to take a look.

So, here we are to tell you what else this city offers and how to get the best experience while you visit this place full of history.

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Witness the Royalty at Palais Du Prince

Witness the Royalty at Palais Du Prince | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

Yes, Monte Carlo has the royal family to which Grace Kelly was once married. In the 21st century, the Grimaldi family resides there. You might not be able to witness the entire palace but you can witness the parts of it that are open to the public.

Witness the Royalty at Palais Du Prince

The Royal Palace is huge. So, even though the tour is reduced to certain portions. It would still take you hours to explore the palace. You can go through the gallery that was inspired by the Versailles itself. There are multiple paintings on the wall that are not only significant to the royal family but are also important to French History.

There are multiple rooms in the gallery that you are allowed to explore. The architecture and the design are not the only things to witness on your tour. But the Murano Glass chandeliers and other memorabilia would also be there to keep you fascinated. You can book the tickets on Palace’s website.

Witness the Giant Monaco Cathedral

You might have had a glimpse of this Cathedral, every time you Grace Kelly or her wedding is mentioned in the Media. After all, this is the place where she not only got married officially but also got buried after her sudden demise.

You can visit the church to witness its magnificence yourself. The building’s architecture is complex from when it was built in 1875 to 1903. The design of the church on the inside is also extremely beautiful. You can see a lot of members of the royal family are buried there.

Visit the Museums

The museums in Monte Carlo are not all about boring knowledge and historical events randomly brought together in one place. But they are experiences and memories lived as a life by Monaco’s Royalty. Here are some that you would love to visit.

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The Car Museum

The Car Museum | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France
The Car Museum | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

If you have been dreaming of visiting Monte Carlo for a while, you must be a Car enthusiast. Since then, Monte Carlo has been home to car racing events and everything speed. In that case, visiting the Car Museum would be one of the best experiences for you.

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The Car Collection was done by none other than the former Prince of Monaco Prince Rainer III himself who sadly passed away in 2005. You can see his choices and the part of his life and passion displayed on these four walls. From the vintage to the elite, you will find cars that are no longer in the making. And also, the cars that once ruled the racing tracks of this town.

All of that is available within a ticket price.

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The Naval/ Maritime Museum

The Naval or Maritime Museum is no less than any other museum in Monte Carlo. Even if you are not interested in navy missions, the journey of the and history of the nautical is displayed here but you would want to know the world’s biggest exhibit of Titanic.

You would find multiple paintings and official records along with Model ships at the museum. So, even if you are not interested in that subject, you would love to visit it out of human curiosity.

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The Oceanographic Museum

The Oceanographic Museum is another place one of a kind here where the collection and knowledge about the subject is immaculate. It was made by the modernist Prince Albert I who was a mariner and oceanographer himself. Being an explorer, this museum also became evidence of pride for him.

He collected a lot of things on his voyage and explorations. You will find all of it along with multiple scenarios and stories related to these objects here. One of his noted collections includes a skeleton of a whale.

Attend an Opera at Opera de Monte-Carlo

If you are in Monte Carlo, you must be interested in art and talented artists. And if you are interested in the display of fine artistry at its best, you need to attend a show at the opera house of Monte Carlo. And trust us when we say it is simply a display of the greatest minds and their creations on the stage.

The Opera House is a building that cannot be described in words. The complex designs, the golden halls and the huge glass windows are all beyond comparison. From dramas like Phantom of the Opera to choir concerts like A German Requiem. All you need to do is to get ready, book the tickets and drown in the symphony created by the Maestros themselves.

And make sure that you dress fancy because you might be in the attendance of the royalty themselves.

Change your Luck at a Casino

Change your Luck at a Casino

Change your Luck at a Casino | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

Consider yourself, a spy, for a while and play like James Bond. You never know, you might get a lucky hand. Because the casino at the Monte Carlo is unlike any other Casino in the world. After all, all the James Bond movies were shot here. Especially my personal favourite Casino Royale. You might want to learn a thing or two while watching that movie before you enter this place.

The Casino looks way more beautiful than the picture. From its magnificent surroundings to the gorgeous insides of the halls. You might want to forget the world for a while and just dive deep into the luxury that this place offers.

One thing is for sure, you can never feel bad for losing pennies when you are housed in pure royalty.

Get Sun Tanned at Larvotto Beach

Get Sun Tanned at Larvotto Beach | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

Since you are already close to the waters. You need a relaxing, lazy day to yourself. And there is no better place than Larvotto Beach which is a mile downhill from Princess Grace Avenue.

Get Sun Tanned at Larvotto Beach | 10 Best things to do in Monte Carlo, South of France

Though, it is a public beach. But you would find multiple private spots here and there. As it is the beach that is close to the city, the lifeguards make sure that it is not only safe but it is comfortable to swim in it. The best thing about it is a man-made beach and with its construction, it has been made sure that it can offer luxurious means to its visitors.

There are private stretches and then there are public stretches, you can go to either of them depending on your needs. On the private stretches, you would be offered food, cocktails etc. And if you are planning to lounge on a public stretch, you might want to bring your own belongings.

Do some shopping at the Condamine Market

Though the most expensive street filled with luxury brand boutiques is Princess Grace Avenue if you want to shop a bit cheaper and regional, fine goods you can always head over to Condamine Market.

The local population also calls Condamine Market a symbol of their community and culture. They say that it is Monaco’s heritage. It is the perfect place that can offer you those aesthetic pictures in as organic a way as possible. The market remains open all day, every day. So, you can visit it at your own convenience whenever you want.

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Have a drink at Café de Paris

Since everything in Monaco is royalty. The dining experience must be royal too. Therefore, Café de Paris is always at your service with its broad menu and exquisite range of drinks. The most beautiful part of this place is the ambience. You would have a different experience, depending on the time of the day you visit the place.

The cosy environment and dim lighting make it the perfect place for not only socialising but also if you are planning a romantic date. Make your reservations as soon as you enter the city. You can face difficulty in getting a table on short notice.

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