10 Best things to do in St. Tropez, South of France

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St. Tropez has always been the star attraction for celebrities. You would witness the likes of Leonardo De Caprio and Jack Nicholson spending their time vacationing here. And since summer is here it is the best time to visit this city full of beaches and breeze from the sea. 10 Best things to do in St. Tropez, South of France

Wondering what else you would be doing here than just Sun tanning. Follow along and we will let you know.

A walk down the Promenade

The true beauty of St. Tropez is like poetry. It is the perfect amalgamation of nature and culture. And you can witness this happening at the St. Tropez Promenade. Depending upon your mood, you can pick any time of your choice to walk down it and you will be filled with positive energy.

The sight of old buildings, cafes and restaurants on one side and the Open sky with the sea on the other side. The sight is enough to refresh you. But that is not all. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as the breeze gently blows through your air.

Click as many Insta-worthy pictures as you want here. But they would not let the other people know about the delicious smell lingering in the air that comes from all the cafes around this area. You get to experience it for yourself.

Explore the Musee De L’ Annonciade

As it always happens, you need to know the history of the place to know it better. The Museum of Annonciade tells you about the contemporary and artistic history of this place.

The museum is built in the 16th-century Chapel. But it was later bought by the painter Paul Signac who displayed paintings from the great creatives like Derain, Marquet and Matisse. The works mainly range from 1890 to 1950. So, when you walk through the building. You will realise the old architecture has possessively contained the artists of the previous centuries.

The paintings are the only thing you would find here. You would find the history and restoration done by various artists. Apart from that, you can expect many drawings and sculptures as well.

Spend a lazy afternoon at Castle de la Moutte

Another piece of history that St. Tropez contains is Chateau de la Motte. The castle situated in the middle of Palm Park is as interesting as it is big. The history of this castle dates back to Napolean Bonaparte. The Prime Minister of Napolean bought this piece of real estate.

It was later passed down to multiple significant figures in his relations. But each one of them added a little speciality towards this piece. You can witness a collection of great French literature in one part of the castle. That includes great minds like Hugo, Voltaire, Balzac, Montaigne, Rousseau etc. The lush green surroundings are hard to ignore.

The Castle is open for visitation during the summer months. You can explore the castle on your own or book a guided tour. You can also participate in the famous dance and music festival called “Les Nuits du Chateau de la Moutte”.

10 Best things to do in St. Tropez, South of France

10 Best things to do in St. Tropez, South of France

Take the Sea view from the Citadel

Another monument of the city is the Citadel. And just like every other sea-facing country. This castle was also made to protect the city in the 17th century.  It took them 6 years to erect the castle that you can see today, from 1602 to 1607.

However, it went through multiple modifications throughout the time it stood. And had played multiple roles. It was finally left alone as a memory of those times in the 19th century. But you can still witness the sea-facing cannons erected at the Castle.

For you, it serves as a perfect spot to enjoy an evening simply gazing at the blue sky and the blue sea. Witness the Gulf and the Mediterranean as far as your eyes can see. And be a part of the history.

A brunch at Place Des Lices

The literal meaning of Place Des Lices is Jousting Ground. But in the modern world, you can see it as the community centre. Witness the native culture of St. Tropez flourish at this place covered with trees.

The place also serves as a spot for the local market. So, if you want to buy some regional fruits and vegetables you can go and quench your shopping thirst here at the Square.

The Place Des Lices is also surrounded by multiple bars, restaurants and eateries. So, if you are planning to have a brunch here you can do that. Or if you get hungry on your shopping quest, just grab a quick bite and they will be more than happy to serve you.

Visit the Bell Tower of the city

Another notable building in any city is the church. And you would find one in St. Tropez as well. As you would walk towards the centre of the city. You can identify the church with its bright – yellow coloured bell tower. It stands aloof from all the brown tiled roofs on the rest of the city houses.

The building started as the church. No one knows when or how it was being made first. However, many religious constructions were added to the old building in the 11th century. It was later converted into a bell tower in 1784.

However, you can still witness the wooden carvings and religious additions done to the church. Since the additions were made at different times. You can witness all the centuries in one place at one time.

Practice some Meditation at Abbaye du Thoronet

Some travellers travel because they want to escape something. While others travel because they want to find themselves in those places. And there is no better way to find yourself better than some quiet and that too in the company of some monks.

You will find all of that come together at the famous Cistercian Abbeys. The atmosphere of the place sets it right by the location at which it is situated. You would find dense trees and little trinkets of small streams flowing nearby.

The place was built in the 12th century. And is considered one of the most magical places in the St. Tropez countryside. If you don’t believe the positive vibes of this place can change the anatomy of your mind. Visit it and experience it by yourself.

Check out all the beaches of St. Tropez.


This beach is near the town, so you can easily get there. Apart from that, it houses a sailing school. So, if you are interested in sailing. You will find a lot of marine and Yachting services around this area.

la Ponche

La Ponche might not be good for swimming. But if you want to just spread the towel, lay down and read in peace. This might be the place for you!


Pampelonne Beach is one of the longest beaches here. It is technically not a part of St. Tropez. It is on the way to the city. It included a stretch of 6 km of golden sand and turquoise water. You will find many famous faces here. It also includes an arrangement of clubs and sea-facing villas here.


Pampelone is always surrounded by loads of crowds. But if you are in for a more private and secluded vacation, you can head toward Moorea. Moorea is more exclusive than any other parts. All you need to do here is to relax on a chair under an umbrella and sip on those delicious cocktails served by the friendly staff here.


On the way to Pampelone, you will first arrive in Tahiti. It is also known as the hidden gems in the reign of St. Tropez. It has a more peaceful aura to it. You will find both contemporary and old villas here to live. And also get the chance to explore the nearby Vineyards.

Visit the Vineyards around St. Tropez

St. Tropez is a small but beautiful place to visit and explore. But you already know it by now. But its cultural and inside beauty is not the only thing to appreciate about it. You need to explore the different vineyards that this small city is surrounded by.

For all the wine lovers out there. St. Tropez’s creations are heaven for you. It is known as the Provence Wine region. The major wines that are made here are Cotes de Provence along with Roses with a pearly colour and reds with ruby reflections.

You can rent a car and go on tours around the city to explore the farms and meet the people who are the manufacturers of such fine wine. You would find yourself in a different paradise altogether.

Get the taste of the regional dessert: Tarte Tropezienne

If you got a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat in St Tropez. The people here are in love with sweets too. And that must be the reason why they end up making the tastiest creamy, sponge cake called Tarte Tropezienne.

It is said that it was first made by an exiled Polish man who used to live in St. Tropez in 1955. Since then, people have fallen in love with it. All you have to do is keep a tiny piece of that spongy taste in your mouth and let it melt to experience that symphony of taste.

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