10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

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Every Year in May, Cannes the exceptional town of Mediterranean beauty opens its doors to celebrities and models from all around the world. But there is more to it than you think. Cannes is the cocktail of the beaches, the culture and the luxury. Wondering how to experience it all? The list below will help you with that. 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

A walk through the La Croisette

This is the road that people mostly see when anyone talks about Cannes or the film festival itself. A path going alongside the beach and lines with really tall palm trees have been the identity of this city for a very long time.

And the best way to sink into the feeling of exploring the city is to ride through the La Croisette. But it was not all glamorous as it is now, in the modern world. This path was once used to be used by the pilgrims to walk through and reach the island of Saint-Honorat.

Today, it is filled with all the boutiques and shops that you can witness while going through it. Take as many pictures of the road as you want to declare your arrival in this city.

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Visit the Notre-Dame d’ Esperance | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

Just like any other major city in this part of the country. You would also witness a magnificent church in the town. The church also known as Our Lady of Hope is situated on the hilltop in the historic town of Le Suquet.

Just like any other building made in the 16th century. You can simply appreciate the architecture and design of the church. The Renaissance Porch as well as the modern 19th century Organ are the perfect additions to the church and thus attract a good number of visitors now and then.

If you are visiting the place in July, you can always attend the one-week festival that is organized outside the church. That will not only give you a sneak peek into the vibrant culture but also a distinct experience.

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Explore Le Suquet | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

Since, you are already in the old historic district of Le Suquet, it is the best time to explore it. Exploring this place is like walking through the different phases of time. After all, this place holds a history of at least 400 years.

The walk through the hill on cobbled streets is the best way to explore the tiny restaurants, boutiques, cafes and small shops here. Some also say that it is comparatively cheaper in this part of the city than in any other part. You can click as many pictures as you want. The aesthetic here would be captivating.

Once you get to the top, you reach the castle made by Monk in the 12th century that still stands intact. If you want you can explore the castle and try to meditate among its walls. Try to align your chakras as effortlessly as possible. The castle doesn’t stand alone. It is accompanied by the Museum of World Explorations.

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Visit the Museum of World Explorations      

10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

You might not be expecting a museum on the hilltop but here we are. The Museum of World Explorations in Cannes welcomes you to introduce you to the most unexpected of discoveries from ancient times. But that is not it. The authorities made sure that the surroundings were as beautiful as the unique antiques at this museum.

The castle in which the museum is built served many objectives in history. Hence, there is something to know and something to discover at every corner and every gallery. But the view might be the best part that this place would offer you. The view of the sea and the port at one end and the entire city on the other.

Get tanned at the Cannes Beaches

Since you are near the sea and in the Mediterranean region, you need to get that skin tanned and relax a bit. All of that at the luxury beaches of Cannes.

The Plage du Midi | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

If you are looking to make friends with some of the locals at Cannes. The Midi Beach, also the largest beach in Cannes would offer you that. Being the largest beach here, you will find a lot of restaurants and eateries here. The changing rooms, showers and loungers are also available at your convenience.

The Port Canto Beach | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

The Port Canto Beach is the perfect place for you if you want to go for sailing and Yachting. This French Riviera is situated against the backdrop of luxurious hotels and beautiful apartments. The breezy evenings and sunsets are more gorgeous here!

The Croisette Beach | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

The Croisette Beach is more picturesque and a tourist’s favourite than any other beach in Cannes. The turquoise water and golden sand are call you are going to crave when you visit here. Many restaurants and cafes are available at this beach. And they would be happy to serve you your favourite cocktails.

Gazagnaire Beach | 10 Best things to do in Cannes, South of France

Another beach where you can meet more regional people than tourists is Gazagnaire Beach. You can organize a tiny picnic here by bringing in a towel and settling yourself in the sand. You can get snacks from the eateries nearby. If you want a full-course meal, the neighbourhood restaurants would be more than happy to serve you.

Rent a Sports Car

Have you ever dreamt of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini simply to feel the roar of that engine that goes from 0 to miles in micro-milli seconds? Then you are in for a treat when you visit Cannes.

You can rent a sports car here and experience that adrenaline rush. Just drive around a few blocks or probably run it down La Croissette. This one experience would be memorable for you.

Some retail therapy at Rue d’Antibes

Since you are giving yourself that delight of a vacation in Cannes. You would need that retail therapy to complete this experience. And not just any shopping but shopping from the best of luxury from the most expensive streets.

Welcome to Rue d’Antibes. The street where you jump into the pool of luxury clothing and buy something memorable for your vacation. There are multiple stores here and if you are a luxury fashion person, you would immediately fall in love with it.

Manoush, Swatch, l’Occitane, Mes Demoiselles, Tara Jarmon and many others would help you spend hours and hours going from one thing to another. Just keep yourself hydrated.

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Appreciate the evening at Avenue Hoche

You might need some evening snacks during your stay. It’s not dinner time yet but you crave a French toast and a coffee. There is no better place to walk around in Cannes than Avenue Hoche.

An aesthetically crowded part of the town where the smell of food and drinks lingers at every corner. You will find a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants here. This place will help you spend a memorable evening.

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Attend an event at the Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes

If you think the Cannes Film Festival is the only time of the year when this city celebrates exemplary art and performances, then you are wrong. At the Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes, you can take part in or attend many events of your choice that will not only help you network with masters in their fields but also introduce you to art from across the world.

Depending upon the time of your visit. This place may conduct the event of your choice. It is not about arts and films. But they often get together and talk about other important things in the world.

You can check the available calendar. And if you are passionate about the topic that is going on, you can buy the tickets and participate in it. But if you want a relaxing visit, you can simply grab a bucket of popcorn and watch a classic. Which classic would you choose to watch at the Palace of Festivals?

Visit the Lerins Islands

Remember the island of Saint Honorat? That used to be the destination for many pilgrims. The island of Saint Honorat is known as the Lerins Islands in the modern world. If Cannes is too crowded and too glamorous for you and you are looking for a Sanctuary-like stay and spend some time in peace, then Lerins Island is the perfect place for you.

You can reside where monks used to reside once. But history is not the only thing that you should look for here. It is pure nature and clear waters with almost little to no crowd to swim and relax.

A ferry leaves the coasts of Cannes every 15 to 20 minutes towards the Islands.

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