8 best places to visit In South of France 

The South of France is a perfect blend of both history and natural beauty. The fairy tale aesthetic of this part of the country as well as, the almost poetic weather when the turquoise waters meet the dusky clouds at the horizon is a sight to witness at the beaches. But what are the places where you can go and have all the fun? Refer to our list here and make up your mind. Because they are all too good to experience. 

Nice-8 best places to visit In South of France

Nice-South of France
Nice-South of France

Located on the French Riviera, Nice is all things beauty that you can imagine. If you are wondering what are the places that you can visit here. First of all, let me tell you about the English Promenade which is a must-visit when you are visiting this city. 

The gorgeous dome of The Nice Cathedral stands tall with its majestic grace. It is the evidence of baroque architecture in this region. Talking about architecture, you need to visit the Villa Massena situated near the English promenade. The villa or museum may be famous for containing Napolean’s death mask but its architecture is glorious. 

After witnessing the works of Yves Klein at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum. You can head over to the fairy garden called Monastere Notre Dame de Cimiez where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. 

And if those views are not picturesque enough for you, you can always head over to Castle Hill Park. But you need to look forward to that evening stroll in the old city on cobbled roads swooning over the smell of bakeries and small stalls. 

St. Tropez

St. Tropez-South of France
St. Tropez-South of France

St. Tropez might be famous as a party town in the South of France but there is much more to it. Apart from spending your days sunbathing at the beach and nights at Club 55 and Nikki Beach. There is so much more to explore. 

To know how old the city is, you need to visit Cap Camarat, the second-highest lighthouse in the city of France. Also, the Chapelle Sainte- Anne that dates back to the 16th century. Also, Mice Jagger married Bianca Jagger there. Maybe because of its location near the sea. 

The Museum of Maritime History is something that you would love to explore. Adjacent to that, you will find the city’s citadel and you are going to fall in love with that, straight out of the postcard view. If you want to know, what it feels like to be a native in this city, head over to the Place Des Lices or Place Carnot. 

Though La Ponche is best for the evening walks it is the Promenade of the Old Post where you would want to be at the golden hour of the sunset. And if you are planning to visit the city in October, you need to visit the annual event of Les Voites de Saint Tropez. 


Avignon-South of France
Avignon-South of France

If you are a history buff and love everything about places that have been long lost in time. You are going to love every part of this city called Avignon. If Nice and St. Tropez are all vacation hubs. Avignon is more of a fairy capital. Also known as the Papal Capital, Avignon can offer things as old as a castle and as pretty as unbelievable landscapes. 

The Palace of Popes and the Avignon Bridge as the most famous sites to visit in the city. And are some of the oldest as well. While the bridge may offer you the landscape of the river. Visiting Clock’s Square or Place de l’Horloge may offer you the city’s view from up top. 

The Avignon Historic Centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which should make it to the top of the list to visit. And how can we forget Avignon Cathedral as well as Basilique Saint-Pierre d’Avignon? The places that would leave your mouth open with its Romanesque architecture and Gothic-styled designs. And if you are looking for a location to give you those Pinterest-like pictures, head over to Dyers Street after a wine-tasting session. 


Cannes-South of France
Cannes-South of France

 A city that is famous for its annual film festival. When celebrities from around the globe land here so does the charm of the city. But for a traveler or a tourist who loves to visit places, Cannes offers more than the celebration of cinematic arts. 

First and foremost, you need to visit the quaint beaches of Cannes. Though Croisette Beach is the most well-known beach here. But if you are looking for less crowded places, you always have Plage du Midi, Bocca Beach, and Plage de la Raguette. 

But you are visiting there because it is the star’s favorite. You too can attend your movie shows at the Palais des Festivals Congres. But make sure you do not book tickets around the film festival when it is too crowded. 

For you, the history nerds, we can head over to the Notre – Dame d’ Esperance, the 16th-century Roman Catholic Church. And if you are interested in French art, you need to visit the Centre d’ Art La Malmaison to witness some colorful strokes. But what about French food? La Petit Maison, A Michelin French restaurant would make sure to give you the best of the best in French cuisine. 

Adventure seekers can always go paddle boating or kayaking at the beach. And a day trip is always for explorers to Ile Sainte–Marguerite. Also, the Lerins Islands are nowhere far for a little snorkeling session. 

Monaco City / Monte Carlo 

Monaco City / Monte Carlo- South of France
Monaco City / Monte Carlo- South of France

You might know Monaco as the country and you must be aware of Monte Carlo. The famous city in France also has a less famous name. But contrary to popular belief there is a quaint and almost fictional vibe to this city. And you would want to visit this city again if you visit it once. What are you going to do? Let’s find out. 

The first place you need to visit in the city is the prince’s palace. The guard standing at the gate will let you know. But you cannot pay attention to him after witnessing the 16th-century architecture and frescoes on this Royal estate. You would find many restaurants and gift shops to shop from. 

Monte Carlo Cathedral and Monaco Gardens are the two places that can give you an almost divine and angelic experience. They are beyond beautiful. But if you are waiting for something that can make your adrenaline rush is the Formula One race. And yes, if you can book the tickets, you can visit them too. Also, don’t forget about the nerve-wracking experiences at the Monte Carlo Casinos that have been famous since James Bond’s Casino Royale was released. 

If you are in the city of Formula One, you would also love to visit the Monaco Top Cars Collection at the HSH The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection. Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is another place that can enlighten you on your visit here. You can have fun with the locals at the Monaco Yacht Club or simply indulge in some shopping at the Monte Carlo Pavilions. 


Lyon- South of France
Lyon- South of France

Lyon is the Gastronomic Capital of the world. A city that has several 20 Michelin-starred restaurants is undoubtedly the best place if you call yourself a foodie. It is a heaven for both the food lovers and the history lovers. Visiting Lyon feels like having a cultural makeover, in French style. 

Starting with the oldest buildings of the place, you would love to visit the Basilica of Notre Dame of Fourviere and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral. The architecture and design of the building would leave you awestruck. Lyon is also known as the city of museums. And you can find multiple museums here. Musee de Confluences is a science and anthropology museum that would steal your admiration because of its architecture. 

If you are a movie lover or a fan, you are going to love Musee Cinema et Miniature. And witness all of your favorite characters and movies at the size of your Pinky finger. The Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourviere along with the Theatre Gallo Romain de Lyon-Fourviere would take you to the Roman Empire. 

The narrow lanes with cobbled stones of Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon are going to surprise you with their historical significance. Apart from the food, you can also indulge in the many local festivals celebrated in the city throughout the year like the Peinture Fraiche Festival, Woodstower Festival, or the Lumiere Film Festival. 


Do you remember that La Ville Rose effect on all the travel pages on TikTok and Instagram? If you want to live that moment, you need to visit Toulouse. If you are wondering why? Then you need to witness the red-brick façade that is spread all over this town. As you will be walking down the cobbled streets beside the Garonne River, you can easily imagine yourself in the lap of a rose planted near the river. 

Toulouse is the avant-garde of culture and music. And you will witness a lot of art spread in the city to inspire the same. To understand it more, you can visit Musee des Augustins and Georges Bemberg’s Foundation, a hotel as well as the museum, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum are other places to explore here. 

The pink foreground of Place du Capitole makes the perfect place to click as many pictures as you want with the majestic building serving the perfect background. Pont Neuf, the old bridge is a magical site to behold at night. You can join a slow-paced cruise of the Garonne River in the day. And have an entertaining evening to yourself at the Theatre du Capitole. 


Marseille is everything heavenly that you can dream of. Often known as the bridge between North Africa and Europe, it carries a blend of 2 cultures gracefully. Located on the Gulf de Lyon, you enjoy the spell-binding sunsets and explore the depth of turquoise waters. 

On one end, you will find the history wrapped up in the form of Cathedrale de la Major, Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, and the artistic The Panier. On the other side, you would witness the walks through the nature-surrounded Parc National des Calanques and Vallon des Auffes.  

 To understand the city deeply, you need to visit the Palais Longchamp exploring the flowering trees and herbaceous beds. To find some peace, you need to visit the 1600-year-old Monastery of Abbaye Saint Victor which speaks history through every wall.  

And if you want to escape the human world, all you need to do is book a cruise on La Meridionale to Corsica for 10 hours and 30 minutes. By the time you wake up, you will be enjoying the fresh sunrise of Corsica. 


Where to go in the south of France?

Well, there are so many places where you can go in the south of France and some of them are here:
Palais des Papes, Nice, Cannes, Pont du Gard, Grasse, Saint-Tropez, Provence, Carcassonne, Arles, Marseille, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence etc.

What to do in South of France?

Exploring the picturesque villages of Provence
Wandering through the Lavender Fields
Trekking the Calanques de Cassis
Discovering the Colorado Provencal in Rustrel
Savoring wines in Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Where is the south of France?

Southern France, also known as the south of France or colloquially in French as le Midi, is a defined geographical area consisting of the regions of France that border the Atlantic Ocean south of the Marais Poitevin Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, and Italy.

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