Top 10 Places To Visit In Lakshadweep 

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Lakshadweep is one of the best Places of India, where it is a group of 36 islands. This island is known for the best sunset beaches and  its exotic and lush green landscape.  As you know these Lakshadweep islands are trending right now on twitter. 

There’s a reason behind why it’s trending, so as we all know Maldives. We all Indians used to love this place for holidays and for vacation. But the current gov. Maldives used a campaign against India and telling Indian people to stay away and go aways from Maldives. 

For the same reason our Indian government thought to promote our own beaches and the best places in India and approached all Indian and even foreign people to come to India and celebrate in India and see Indian beautiful beaches. 

Now that Maldives gov. Got upset about it and started abusing our own PM Nandra Modi and Indian people for that same reason even Indian people boycotting maldives.

If you want to go to lakshadweep then you have to go kochi first then from there you can book your ship ticket and then you can go there. The prices can be very high but still it starts with about 20,000 to 25,000 thousand Rupees per person here for about 3 to 4 days i guess. 

Now that you wonder what are the 10 ten places to visit in Lakshadweep do these activities

There are all those Top 10 best places of Lakshadweep where you can visit in years 2024

1. Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island Lakashadweep
Minicoy Island Lakashadweep

Minicoy island is one the best island of indian located in the the southern Part of  island of Lakshadweep. It is situated at a distance of (215 nautical miles) About 398 kilometers. It is the place where you can visit in 2024 as this minicoy island of Lakshadweep will be booming with more visitors here in 2024.

What are the adventures things to do in Minicoy island

This island  is near Maldives island but it is far better than maldives. The sea water is dark blue which really looks nice. There is a helipad here too if you need to exit in some emergency or if any official or any other function is celebrated here then you can approach them and use it. But its not available for normal People. 

You can visit Minicoy lighthouse if you haven’t seen it there on the minicoy port and you can enjoy the boat there on the sea too. The prices of the boat or ship can vary but I’m sure if you ride it you’re gonna love it.

If you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian you all can enjoy there and have your own prioritized food. There are good restorenet there too or if you book while traveling on the ship you will get your ordered food too.

People mostly use Malayalam Language more there because lakshadweep all islands are located in the southern part of India nearby. 

2. Agatti Islands Lakshadweep

Agatti Islands Lakshadweep
Agatti Islands Lakshadweep

If you want to go to Agatti island there are three ways you can go there That is By Bus, Train and by Flight and By ship. So you need to take these ways to reach Kochi from where you can start your journey to the Agatti islands of lakshadweep. 

You can take a flight to reach the island and you can enjoy the view from the plane at about 1 or 1:30 pm. Water is really clean here, and even the land and the culture is really clean here too and the good coconut tree in a separate manner there that really looks great. 

You can only use airtel sim there and also be sure to have it in post paid because there’s no prepaid sim allowed there. Other than this you can use BSNL SIM else all other company SIM like JIO and others are not allowed here.

What can you do here?

You can do scuba diving and the trainer of the scuba dives are really great and they are experienced guides and they will help you see great views underwater. 

  • If you’re a couple you can have the candle light dinner there on the beach.
  • There is also a glaze boat you can ride and have a beautiful view 
  • If you’re planning for marriage ceremony then surely you can do that here and enjoy the nature 
  • Good for a honeymoon too if you’re looking for the best places to visit and have fun on a very low budget and in your own county beach.
  • You can visit lighthouse there too and view all the beauties on the ground from above and all the island.

You can also do a lot of activities here on this big island of Lakshadweep.

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3. Bangaram Island In Lakshadweep

Bangaram Island In Lakshadweep
Bangaram Island In Lakshadweep

Bengara island is one of the best Islands of lakshadweep, there’s a lot of things to do here and a lot of things to explore in here. I would love to go all over the island of Lakshadweep and visit this place. Although it’s just getting popular, it is far better than Maldives island. 

Obviously as you know on every island there is a Watch tower where you can go and see all the inland from the watch tower of the island. AS you can explore all the islands and you can do a destination wedding here too. 

Even though there are so many more developments that have to be made here, you will enjoy it here. Tata company has announced to Make 2 Taj Hotel here in Lakshadweep, I’m not sure on which island of Lakshadweep but for sure it can be the best thing there and a good and quality service will be provided. 

What else to explore here in Bangaram Island?

You can scuba here and enjoy the Sea and explore a lot of Sea creators and fishes and hell lot of things.

Snorkeling is a process of swimming where you swim in the sea or anywhere, just by facing your face down the sea so you can see the sea, beautiful creatures and sea animals, whatever you like to call it.

Glass bottom boat is a boat on which there is a glass window to the bottom of the sea so that you can see the beautiful sea environment from this boat. It’s really good for kids and for families to explore these things.

Kayaking lets us understand what is kayaking first so Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving over water. Kayaking is boating alone by sea with small pods. I’ll pin out the images for all these activities.

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4. Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep

Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep
Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep

So as I explained earlier in the section bangaram you can do Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep. Now let’s discover the Prices and how much time you can get the scuba diving session  in the water. So there are so many websites which are providing good packages for Lakshadweep trips. 

And there are so many websites that also provide scuba diving in the same packages and even as an individual Activities, that you can book here on any website. One of the websites are easy my trip and and Many more websites From where you can book your ticket to go there on the Lakshadweep.

It will cost you 2600 rupees for 30 minutes for Scuba diving, and some other packages are 4500 rupees for 60 minutes like this. It’s just an Assumption from some of the websites but it can be very different on other websites for sure. 

Beaches are really big there on Lakshadweep and that you can explore.

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5. Kavaratti Islands

Kavaratti Islands In Lakshadweep
Kavaratti Islands In Lakshadweep

The Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep’s capital is Kavaratti.At 10.57°N 72.64°E, the island of Kavaratti is situated 360 miles off the coast of the State of Kerala. The closest large city on the Indian mainland is about 404 km away (218 nmi) away. Its lagoon covers 3.46 square miles.As part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Smart Cities Mission, Karavatti has been chosen as one of the one hundred Indian cities to be transformed into smart cities.

6. Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep
Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep

With a surface area of 2.79 sq km, Kalpeni Island is located between latitudes 10° 03′ and 10° 07′ N and longitudes 73° 37′ and 73° 39’E. The island lies southeast of Kavaratti Island, halfway between Andrott and Minicoy, and 287 kilometers (155 nautical miles) from Kochi. It boasts a massive lagoon, with a maximum width of around 2.8 kilometers. The Island is oriented from north to south.

Situated sixty-three kilometers away from Androth lies Kalpeni Island, one of Lakshadweep’s most picturesque islands. A popular tourist site, Kalpeni provides visitors with an amazing chance to test their athletic prowess and sense of sportsmanship through a variety of water sports of the region.


The weather patterns in Kalpeni are comparable to those in Kerala. The warmest months of the year are March through May. Throughout most of the year, the temperature fluctuates from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is between 70 and 76 percent. There is 1600 mm of rain on average every year. Here, the monsoon season lasts from May 15 to September 15. 

The monsoon season brings the temperature up to a range of 27 to 30 degrees. Boats are not permitted outside the lagoon during the monsoon season due to the choppy waters. The reef’s presence keeps the lagoon serene.

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7. Water Sports in Lakshadweep Islands

Here, you may go diving, enjoy the sea, and discover a tonne of fish, Sea creatures, and other amazing stuff.

Snorkeling is the act of swimming in the sea or any other body of water with your face pointing down the water’s surface to view the sea and its lovely creatures, or marine life, as you like.

A glass bottom boat is one that has a glass window that looks down into the ocean, allowing you to observe the stunning underwater scenery. Families and children should definitely investigate these topics.

Water Surfing

You can do water surfing here and it’s a great place to do it here. Waves here are pretty good for surfining purposes..

First, kayaking teaches us that kayaking is the act of using a kayak to navigate across water. 

8. Marine Museum

The Marine museum is one of the best Attractions here on the lakshadweep. The Marine Museum is a fascinating  magnet located on the Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep. Established in 1983, the gallery’s primary  aim is to promote  mindfulness of marine products and their preservation.  

The gallery showcases a different range of marine-affiliated vestiges,  furnishing an  instructional display of  numerous vestiges related to marine life. One of the most  intriguing features of the gallery is its terrarium, which houses some rare species of  ocean fish and other marine  creatures. The  various fishes and other  ocean  brutes  set up then offer quite an  stirring experience.   In addition to the gallery, there are other  lodestones  worth visiting. 

The Dolphin Dive Center,  positioned at the northern tip of the  islet, is known for its corals, turtles, and all kinds of tropical fishes. Then, one can also find some amazing  delve, dives at the wall of wonder.

Another  interesting  point is Minicoy Island, known for three major  disasters. These  disasters act as virtual aquatic galleries,  causing fish species that are larger than the average size  set up away. Visiting the Marine Museum provides a unique  occasion to claw into the rich marine biodiversity of Lakshadweep and understand the  significance of its preservation. It’s a must- visit place for adventure  campaigners and nature  suckers  likewise.

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9. Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island, also known as Cardamom Island, is a stunning coral islet that belongs to the Amindivi group of islets in the Lakshadweep archipelago in India. The islet measures 9.3 kilometers in length and has a lagoon with a range of 1.5 kilometers, covering an area of 25 square kilometers.

The islet is long and narrow, only0.57 km wide at the broadest point, with a maximum length of 11 km. It lies between 11 ° 10 ′ and 11 ° 16 ′ N latitude and 72 ° 45 ′ and 72 ° 48 ′ E longitude, having an area of 3.20 sq km ¹. This islet is at a distance of 407 km ( 220 navigational long hauls) from Kochi and located between Amini Island in the south and Chetlat Island in the north.

Kadmat Island is known for its beautiful shallow lagoon on the west that forms an ideal spot for water sports. There’s also a narrow lagoon on the east. The stylish lodestones are the long flaxen strands and small beach banks on the southern tip for sunbeds. Kadmat has been linked for staying excursionists with its sightseer hooches aesthetically positioned in the coconut win groves in the strands facing the lagoon.

The scuba diving center on the islet has come an magnet for water- sport suckers. The climate of Kadmat is analogous to the climatic conditions of Kerala. March to May is the hottest period of the time.

Visiting Kadmat Island provides a unique occasion to enjoy ocean breath, moonlit sand, and water sports. It’s a must- visit place for adventure campaigners and nature suckers likewise.

10. City Shopping

Shopping in Lakshadweep offers a unique experience. The requests of the islet are not important developed, and there are veritably many effects that you can take back home as Lakshadweep monuments. still, you can find some intriguing places to shop

1. China Bazar Kavaratti: This is a one- stop- shop at Kavaratti Island. Then, you can find electronics, tackle, mobile recharge installations, and indeed monuments like seashells. The shopping gests then are unique and stupendous .

2. Fiber Factory: Located near the shore, this plant sells different fabrics. These fabrics can be a nice product to take back home.

3. Muhammad Musthafa Supper Market: A original supermarket where you can find a variety of goods.

4. united Society Supermarket: Another supermarket offering a range of products.

5. Thavakkal Clothing Store: A apparel store where you can find a variety of vesture.

6. Thele Fole Tea Shop: A original tea shop where you can enjoy a mug of tea.

Flash back, being a sand destination, you can collect a lot of sand crafts, and since fishing is the main occupation of the islanders, there are a lot of fish products that you can take back home.

If You want to visit the Lakshadweep Island Then you should visit this gov. website to get all the information Click here

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