3 days Marrakech Itinerary

You have already heard a lot about Marrakech and want to visit it. But if you are confused about how to explore most of this place in the shortest amount of time. Here’s a 3-day itinerary, to make sure you get the most out of this magical place.

Day 1

Morning of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Bahia Palace – (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

If you think the only place in Morocco, from where you can take some interior inspiration is Jardin Majorelle. Then, the first choice of your first day in this place is going to change your mind. Another reason, you need to visit the Bahia Palace in the morning is because of its location.

When the sun rises, the long corridors of the palace that are adorned with geometric patterns in multiple colours shine below the sky. But the ceiling that has a golden yellow shade light up the most. Apart from the marble and zellij tiles, Arabic inscriptions are the other things that you are going to find intriguing.

You would love your tour swiftly passing from one room to another. The tour guide will explain to you the significance of each room. Where once the royals of the country used to sit together. They are not only used to make administrative and political decisions. But also used to organize traditional events for entertainment.

Mederssa ben Youseff

The best way to know and understand the culture of a country is to know how children are taught there. And when you are in the city of Marrakech, you are in a treat. You get to visit a school from the 14th century that is located in the heart of the city. No wonder, it is a UNESCO, World Heritage site.

Though it was old it was subsequently enriched and rebuilt by the succeeding dynasties of the country. Hence, you can see an impression of multiple centuries in this building. Though the basic framework and architecture of the school remain from the 14th century. You would witness further impressions and designs that were added later as part of the renovations. 

Guided tours are available for the Mederssa. The hours remain from 9 am to 6 pm daily. The charges are different for adults and younger ones. 50 DAH for adults and 10 MAD for kids under 12 years of age.

Noon of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Badi Palace

Badi Palace-3 days Marrakech Itinerary

If you are a regular tourist, you might have visited a lot of palaces whose architecture and history would have left you astounded. But, when you are in Marrakech, you must visit the incomparable palace or El Badi Palace. The palace’s construction started in 1578 when the then-ruler of the city Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur commissioned it.

The material used in the palace was brought down to the city from Italy and Mali. Special Marbles and were used in the construction of the palace. However, it was never completed because the king or Sultan was defeated and descended the throne. The palace turned into ruins throughout the Sultan dynasty. Its special marble and other elements were used in other buildings.

The palace started as an ambitious project by the Sultan and he wanted to make it one of the most beautiful palaces in the entire world. Today, it serves as a main tourist attraction and you can explore it in 70 dirhams.

Menara Gardens

After your long walk at the palace, you would need a quaint place to relax. And your next destination, the Menara Gardens. It is the most famous garden in Marrakech. It is not just a garden but an orchard as well. A quiet lake and a pavilion around it make it a perfect place to have a picnic or click pictures.

The sight of the Alpes Mountains behind the tall fir trees and the blue roof of the golden minaret makes for a heavenly sight to behold. Every part of this garden dates back to the 19th century. No wonder, you would be imparting history when you visit the garden. Entry to this paradise is free.

Evening of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Take a bath at Marrakech Hammam

If you are in Morocco and you did not visit a Hammam, your visit would remain incomplete. After walking for a whole day in the palace and in the garden, the evening makes for a perfect time to visit the Marrakech hammams for royal treatment.

The steam chambers, the use of herbal exfoliants, and the massage with rare, natural oils, are all exclusive to these hammams or bathhouses. The most beautiful part is you do not have to bat an eyelid. They follow the procedure and make sure nothing is applied to your skin that could cause an allergy.

The steam bath would make sure to get your body rid of all the toxins and exfoliation would take off the dead cells. Once the procedure is done, you will feel the difference not only in your body but also in your mental and emotional well-being. Some bathhouses are mixed while others have separate timings for men and women. Please visit your nearest bathhouse accordingly. You can visit a private hammam as well.

3 days Marrakech Itinerary
3 days Marrakech Itinerary

Day 2

Morning of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Jardin Majorelle

This is one of the most famous places, not only in Marrakech but the entire Morocco. Jardin Majorelle attracts a thousand of tourists from all around the world. If you are staying at a hotel. You will find a lot of people visiting there. Once you lay eyes on this blue pearl, you will know why people find it one of the most beautiful places in the city.

A few kilometres away from the Medina. Once you visit the Majorelle, you will find yourself in the district of art, nature and culture. It was made by the famous painter Jacques Majorelle in 1931. The contemporary architecture and blue design with yellow marble in the front yard fountain and tall trees around it speak for its beauty.

If you feel Morocco’s weather is too hot. It would serve as a perfect oasis. The Majorelle is open every day of the week. The timings remain from 8 am to 06:30 pm. The last entry happens at 6 p.m. It is advised to visit it in the early day hours because of the perfect lighting on the building. You need to book your tickets online in advance.

Noon of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Lunch at the Café

If you think you would simply explore the beauty and come back. You are so wrong. The Moroccans continue their royal hospitality here too. And since you are already in a piece of art. The food here would be as delicious as you can imagine.

The Café Majorelle offers complimentary breakfast and then lunch later. You can have breakfast and lunch in the inner courtyard filled with bougainvillea and orange trees. The orange flowers against the pink wall make for a perfect aesthetic setting.

You should fret not. Because all the ingredients used in salads and dishes are organically and locally produced. The Majorelle tea would be worth remembering for you.

Evening of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Jardin Majorelle was a piece of art made with the contribution of several artists like the painter and the garden designer. But there was one person who helped save it from destruction. And that was notable designer Yves Saint Laurent. And if you are interested in brands and designer items, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum is the perfect place for you to visit on your second evening in Marrakech.

You need to first admire the modern design of the museum. And soon you will find yourself lost in the world of Mr. Laurent. His library, his photographs, and the art of working and drafting are some of the most notable pieces worn by celebrities and models. It is the festival of creativity at its finest.

The auditorium and the library would have some of the dresses designed by him on multiple mannequins. If you are a design student, you are going to immediately fall in love with the passion that thrives through the walls of the museum. Each piece is artistically handpicked and placed to give you a wholesome experience.

Day 3

Morning of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

Old Marrakech

Your third and last day in Marrakech involves a lot of shopping and a lot of exploration. But through the eyes of the Old Marrakech.

Saadian Tombs

Your first destination on your third day is the Saadian Tombs. People often contemplate whether they should visit the place or not. But you would only know what you were about to miss when you visited the place. The architecture and design of the place are gaping.

It is also noted that just by looking at the design of the tombs, you can know the complexity of the designs denotes the highest point of Moroccan architecture. Many art historians consider it a place to study deeply and know more about the place. This is also the best place to understand ancient necropolis.


Koutoubia Mosque is another place prominent among Tourists and visitors. If you visit it, you will be offered a tour through the courtyard, garden and the cemetery. Entry into the mosque is not accessible to the visitors.

You are immediately going to fall in love with the giant minaret, and the designs on the wall of the courtyard.

Rue de la Kasbah

If you are already visiting the old Marrakech. What better opportunity to visit the Kasbah? A Kasbah is an old town. If you are a passionate photographer, you are going to fall in love with the stories this place contains.

The thick walls, the cramped streets and the smell of the tea from every corner would spell bind you to narrate its tale.

Noon of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

 Souk Semmarine

You might have visited many Souks or markets in Abu Dhabi. But Souk Semmarine has a Moroccan flavour to it. It is also built as a maze. You can easily slide from the spice square to the place where rugs and tapestries are sold. Furthermore, you would find artistic teapots, lamps and other silver antiquities that you can buy.

Evening of (3 days Marrakech Itinerary)

The Medina / Jemaa el-Fnaa

A good dinner at the Medina is more fulfilling than any hotel dinner. And the enchanting aroma of Jemaa el-Fnaa is everything you will need at the end of your trip through Marrakech.

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