How to spend Christmas in Nashville in 2023 and 2024

Christmas in nashville: Winters are different in Nashville, Tennessee. But what about the holiday season and specifically, Christmas? What does this thrilling city that is ever-bubbling with energy and enthusiasm have to offer in the most magical time of the year? You must also be wondering if you would find yourself in Nashville, how are you going to spend your Christmas?

Read ahead to find out How to spend christmas in nashville in 2023 and even 2024.

Enjoy being lit at the Largest Chinese Lantern FestivalChristmas in nashville

I know it is a bit different from the regular Christmas festive celebration. But the excitement and the spirit of the festival is what we look forward to when we attend this one. You can visit the Nashville Zoo on a regular day. But if you visit the same zoo in the festive season. It would look more lit and more colourful. Also, known as Zoolumination.

The magic of lit lanterns is something to look forward to. The colours and lights that they bring to the festival are something that you need to witness. It is not just an exhibition of Chinese art and craft but also an evening full of Chinese artists entertaining you in different ways.

You can expect unique lanterns, dragons, folklore and much more to be entertained and wonder at. You can check the schedule on their website and book the tickets. This is one thing that makes Nashville’s festive season stand aside in the whole country.

Attend the Annual Dickens of a Christmas in nashville

As a reader and someone who enjoys the world of Charles Dickens, this is better than the comic con for me. Every year, The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County organizes an event where people can dress up as one of the characters from Charles Dickens’s stories and participate in the event.

The entire hall is decorated as the world of Charles’s stories. If you were wondering about The Christmas Carol, you got to live it here at this hall. No wonder, people here would love to join you as one of the characters. It is one place where all the fans and nerds come together. One place where you can meet your community.

All you need to do is bring out your corsets and gowns, the gentleman’s coats from the Victorian era and live the world for one evening.

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A Christmas Eve at Nashville’s Candle Light ConcertsChristmas in nashville

Music and light sound like two protagonists in a poem. And what a poem it would be once it comes alive. And yes, it does come alive on Christmas Eve in Nashville Tennessee.

Christmas Eve candlelight services are very common in the country. They bring some of the best musicians in the world and surround them with illuminated candles while they bring the melody and rhythm together. The hymns sung here are magical and don’t wonder much if you have an epiphany during these moments. Cause as magical as they are, they certainly bring the community together as one singing soul.

Please check the dates before you book your tickets for the Christmas Candlelit Concerts. As the event takes place around the country. One or two events can be adjusted here and there.

How to spend Christmas in Nashville in 2023 and 2024
How to spend Christmas in Nashville in 2023 and 2024

Dance with the Dancing light of Christmas

You need to travel a bit to reach Lebanon to witness this magic. But once you reach there, I promise it is all worth it. Dancing lights of Christmas is an event that happens every year around the holiday season only to leave the people asking for more.

Combined with Santa’s Village, it is a complete wholesome experience in itself. A two-and-a-half-mile route is decorated with LED lights. The best experience of it can be done only at night. So, get ready to travel during the dark hours to witness this event.

On the other end, you would find Santa City, more lit than the path. The food and entertainment would all be worth the drive. You can expect food stalls, trucks, games, mechanical reindeer, a petting zoo and loads of pictures with Santa. You need to buy the tickets before you get there. And the tickets are only available on their website.

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Celebrate a Christmas on a cruise: General Jackson Christmas Cruises

Christmas has always been a festival when the whole family come together. The warmth of the family meeting, the food and the gifts have always been the norm. And have kind of become a family tradition for the festive season. But what if you want to give a break to that festive tradition? And rather want to take your family on a cruise.

If you agree to this idea as many families in Nashville do, you can always consider General Jackson Christmas Cruises at your service. The cruise only takes a time of 3 hrs. So, you won’t be missing a lot of your winter, cosy stay homes. But these hours get filled with a lot of musical shows of all kinds. You would watch famous artists perform and get a special holiday meal.

The tickets are available and you can book them at your convenience. You can book special seats. And it is the perfect way to escape that holiday hustle and get a break.

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Ride the Polar Express at Gaylord Opryland

As a child, I loved the movie Polar Express. And all I wanted was to live that experience because I believed. If you are somewhat like me. You are going to love the adventures that Gaylord Opryland offers in Nashville. Also, the Polar Express is not the only adventure that you are going to find there.

The event at Gaylord Opryland is also known as ICE. Just like the name, the place uses millions of tons of ice to make giant structures to give you that magical feel of winter. And when it comes to the train ride, you are going to be immersed in the whole experience.

The train arriving at the house, the passengers sipping on the hot chocolate throughout the ride and a lot of other things. You are going to love every bit of it. If you think it is only for the kids then you are wrong. All you need to do is to wrap yourself as much as possible and get on to the journey. The tickets are available on their websites.

Go for some shopping at Nashville Holiday Market

Nashville is also known for its Holiday market. One of the best things about the Nashville market is its variety and the quality of handmade goods. The festive season in Nashville is like no other season. The craftsmen, the farmers and other artisans are aware that people come to this place from all over the world.

And thus, they bring out their best products to the market. No holiday market remains for long. And they scheduled the holiday season one after the other. Which market would you be lucky to shop at? It highly depends on your schedule.

Some of the holiday markets in Nashville are Porter Flea Market, Hawkins Holiday Bazaar, Wags and Walks Holiday Market, Franklin Holiday Market, Diskin Cider Holiday Vendor Market and many others.

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Keep yourself warm with Jack DanielsChristmas in nashville

If you are a fan of whiskey, you must already be in love with the taste of Jack Daniels. And if you are aware of its history. You already know that every single drop that you sip of this drink is made in Tennessee. And since you are already in Nashville, you better get going to visit the distillery where the magic is created.

However, the location of the distillery remains closed on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve if you are in town around the holidays. This is the place that you need to visit.

Apart from that, you go to any bar in the entire city, and you can get the best whiskey that is made here. Jack Daniels won’t disappoint you in its homeland.

Wine and Dine at the igloos of Camp Bobby

This experience was once closed due to the pandemic reasons and thus enhanced its value altogether. Camp Bobby made sure that it relaunches this unique experience for its Nashville visitors. And when you are visiting the place around holidays, you need a special welcome.

The wining and dining in heated and transparent igloo rooms while the snow falls on the outside is a unique experience that you should look forward to this holiday season. The more wholesome experience would be sitting around the campfire and sharing stories. And that is the true purpose of the Bobby Hotels.

Make sure to book your tickets early. The holiday season has become a little crowded here.

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Go Goo Goo barChristmas in nashville

If you are a fan of Goo Goo Bar, then you need to visit the place where it is made in Nashville. The Goo Goo Chocolate Company not only invite you to taste some of the best delicacies here but also walks you through the experience of a journey at a bar.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place that you cannot miss.

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